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Speech Therapy in Cecil County, Maryland

Total Rehab at Home speech-language pathologists design a treatment plan that will assist patients with conditions that affect speech, language, eating and/or swallowing. Therapists work towards a goal to help the patient gain better control over speaking and language skills by focusing on improving pronunciation and word recognition.

Total Rehab at Home's speech therapists can help with the following:

  • Impairments from a Stroke
  • Onset of Parkinson's Disease or Multiple Sclerosis
  • Brian Injury or Accident
  • Cognitive Conditions/Mental Health Issues
  • Difficulties Eating or Swallowing

Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions - Elkton, Maryland

What Is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is given by speech-language pathologists, who are health care professionals educated and trained to evaluate and treat children and adults with speech, language, and swallowing problems.

The clinical methods used will vary depending upon the nature and severity of the issue, the age of the patient, and the patient’s awareness of the issue. Speech-Language pathologists provide many specialized professional services that include:

  • Helping patients with articulation disorders learn proper production of speech sounds;
  • Assisting patients with voice disorders to develop proper control for correct production;
  • Assisting patients with fluency disorders to increase the amount of fluent speech, and to cope with this disorder;
  • Assisting patients with aphasia to relearn language skills, speech skills, and sentence order, to and/or compensate for lost language and speech skills;
  • Counseling patients with swallowing/feeding difficulties find the safest most effective way of obtaining nutrition/hydration;
  • Counseling patients with speech and language disorders and their families to understand their disorder and to achieve normal communication in various settings;
  • Advising patients and the community on how to prevent speech, language, and swallowing disorders;
  • Helping patients understand the types and severity of communication disorders.

How Can Speech Therapy Help?

Treatment for communication and swallowing disorders depends on the problem and its severity. Therapy exercises and other training can help patients develop effective communication and/or swallow skills.











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